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Be inspired by the remarkable journey of resilience and courage in the face of adversity, embodied by Kathy Heeb.

Meet Kathy Heeb

A Terminal Cancer Survivor 

KATHY HEEB is a terminal cancer survivor who shares her belief that every hardship has a purpose in shaping one's lifelong journey. She is from East Grand Forks, Minnesota, but resides with her husband, Chris, in St Louis, Missouri. She is greatly devoted to her Catholic Faith, her family, and her friends.


"I opened the first page of this book intending to read a chapter or two before starting my day. Those plans flew out the window! Kathy's writing drew me in. One or two chapters turned into reading the entire book in one sitting."

"This book is so beautifully written, you won’t be able to put it down. It will make you laugh, Cry and Truly inspire you. Kathy’s unwavering faith in God and determination have gotten her through life’s toughest battles. It is a good life lesson to us all."

"Do not miss out on this book! Kathy’s inspiring true story will make you laugh, cry, and give you goosebumps. It’s extremely well written and organized. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book so much."


"Loved this book! The author has had an interesting life that she has put down in words so eloquently. I love the messages that come with her life experience and her brave battle beating cancer.Beautifully written!"

Kathy B



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Kathy shares her real-life story from the depths of her heart. She is authentically expressive, never holding back. You can actually feel her excitement and anticipation, her joy and fear, her suffering and her hope. You live her struggles with her as she pulls you in and you have to find out what happens next. As her Faith guides her, you feel yours growing stronger. From hardship to joy, from the depths of despair to true miracle healing, you are with her every step of the way. The Year I Was Terminal is a must read that will fill you with inspiration and hope, bring you to tears, and make you believe in miracles.

Peter Hobler, author of COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within

and Split Harmony

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